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Vocal Coaching


What is a Vocal Coach? It’s a person with performance experience that can accompany a singer on piano and help them work through one song for a performance or prepare them for an audition. Usually, you would see this person once and call it a day. – This is typically NOT my area of focus during most lessons, and a student primarily desiring this kind of vocal work should hire someone that only practices ‘vocal coaching/accompanist’.  Although I have an extensive amount of stage experience, I’m a TEACHER with a degree that concentrates in teaching voice technique. Therefore, I do not play the piano. (Coaches do not have any degree in this area.) You may bring a CD with instrumental accompaniment to your lesson, but please note, I can prepare this for you beforehand which is included in your rate.


Raquela will require you to record your weekly lessons so be prepared to bring a recording device or your cell phone. (iPhones: “Voice Memo”, Smart Phones: “Voice Recorder”)

Working through repertoire is an important aspect of well-rounded vocal training, and should not be excluded from lessons. Vocal coaching is provided as an option for all students once the basics of proper technique have been consistently demonstrated during vocal exercises. A flexible student-selected repertoire encourages active involvement in and ownership of the learning process, and decreases boredom and frustration.


Students who sing in bands or choirs often bring their original or cover songs or audition selections and work through them with me during lessons. The focus is always primarily on applying correct technique to the songs to help them work through any problem areas and to create the best possible sound. Vocal phrases and individual words will be broken down to their smallest possible components, articulation patterns and the treatment of vowels may be analyzed and adjusted, and vocal registration will be examined within the context of the student's songs. Aspects of style (e.g., vocal effects), interpretation, dynamics, song arrangement and performance skills will also be discussed and practiced.


I will also provide constructive feedback (from a mainly technical perspective) on the vocals of recorded demos, if desired.


Usual Rate: $60/one hour


Although I accept cash in full before your lessons, you have the option to pay using credit card when you book on my site at Book Online.

Additionally, please notify me via e-mail of your cell phone number and that you have booked a lesson. I will in turn send/text you my location/address.


If you are in need for more than just one coaching session, please book yourself in to my calendar for as many lessons you would like, but please be prepared to pay for all the lessons in full. Please read Cancellation/Lateness Policy and Payment Schedule.

I rarely offer two hour intense sessions but only because of unusual unique reasons. $75 for 2 hours OR $110 for up to three (3) separate one hour lessons in one week. Many students from out-of-state or from other countries take advantage of doubling this lesson up to 2 hours option so that they can receive as many hours of study as possible while they are here. Some students use this time to work through repertoire for recordings or performances or to prepare for an upcoming audition. Others use it to work out technical or tension and pain problems.


To schedule a lesson, please go to Book Online on this site.

Additionally, please notify me via e-mail of your cell phone number and that you have booked a lesson. I will in turn send/text you my location/address.

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