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Private Voice Lessons/Teaching


For singers under the age of eight, Raquela offers private music lessons that will carefully guide the child into singing... however,


For singers ages nine and up, Raquela offers voice lessons of all skill levels from beginner to advanced in her home studio in Elk Grove, CA, which is located about twenty minutes south of Downtown Sacramento.  All are welcomed, as well as singers of any genre or style. Raquela Teaches Broadway/Musical Theater Singing, Classical/Opera Voice, Ear Training, Guitar, Concert Performance in general, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting and will supports basic skills like: Sight-reading (pitch and tone), vocal control and/or phrasing (posture/breathing), while teaching her top secret vocal techniques.  Raquela requires that you record all your weekly lessons.


Typically, you should prepare yourself to be dedicated to Raquela's hourly lessons, once a week for a 12 month program.


Students can schedule an hour long lesson (although 'intensives' are typically longer).  A few of Raquela's students take lessons every other week due to budget contraints or college course workloads.


These lessons will take a systematic approach to developing the student's vocal skills, and will meet the student where he or she is at currently.


For more information on what can be expected during these private lessons, please read Private Lessons and What To Expect.

To understand better what coaching is, please see Raquela's blog Coaching vs Teaching?


To schedule a lesson, please go to Book Online on this site.

Additionally, please notify Raquela by e-mailing your cell phone number. Let her know you have booked a lesson and Raquela will send/text you her location/address.

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