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If you are looking for a vocal coach for yourself or your child then look no further, you've found a diamond in the rough. To tell you Raquela is a great coach would be a grave understatement; she is outright phenomenal!

Last year while looking for a vocal coach for my 9 year old daughter I canvassed multiple websites and ads until I came across Raquela's. After some additional research I decided to schedule an appointment, we have not looked back since.

Raquela genuinely loves every facet of music and enjoys sharing that with her students. Her personal experience, training, and outgoing personality make her the quintessential trainer.

If you’re looking for a unique, talented, educated, funny, passionate coach then take my advice and schedule an appointment; if you don't you'll miss out on one of the best.

Johnny Cruz

Raquela gave me the confidence and training I needed to succeed at the Miss Sacramento County pageant. Her undenying faith in me and constant encouragement made it so easy to open up and accept her teachings. I found my voice and I found my teacher. Thank you Raquela for everything. You will always be a friend to me and you are an amazing mentor!

Marisssa Plata

I met Raquela about two months ago and at first i was really scared. Singing is something i have been doing for a long time but it was also something i hid from everyone. Although i had this amazing voice i was afraid of it, i did not know how to use it. Although i was in the choir and did performances i knew it was never my best, like i was holding back. Raquela changed all that for me. She is the true definition of friend and teacher. She taught me to not be afraid of my big voice and to use my head voice "mickey mouse" as she calls it. Throughout the course of the last two months she prepared me for the best performance i have ever had. Through Ziawying (vocal exercise), vocal training, and pitch correction Raquela helped me execute my own version of Titanium by Sia. She helped me be more confident in my voice and to trust myself. She coached me into not being afraid and into believing in myself. I will definitely be taking more classes with her and spreading her name around to my family and friends. She is truly amazing inside and out.

Natashali Torres

Raquela is honesty the best! I really didn't think I had much of a voice before I met her, but she has been patient and just an amazing person in general. Now I feel so much more confident about my voice. She is a very talented, diverse lady and she really knows what she is doing. I am glad that I ended up with such a great teacher.

Jesse D

I am an indie recording artist based in San Francisco and I have known this dedicated, knowledgeable & educated woman since 2010 and have had not only many lessons with her but over the years she taught me invaluable methods & exercises that have overall improved my singing range. I feel I’ve improved my skills and that it shows in the discography of my newest recordings.  When you want a voice teacher that can bring out your inner voice... CALL RAQUELA!

Marco M.

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