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Making Singers Since 1999 

Student - Kayleigh
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Raquela is a proud Visions vendor.

If you're child is being home schooled through this award winning Educational Charter School,

find "Voice with Raquela" on their list and sign up TODAY!




Raquela has taken on the honorable duties of full-time caregiver for her mother. Stay tuned to Raquela's Facebook Group Page for more updates.

UPDATE: 5/23/2023

I'm getting real close to re-opening soon! 

I'm down to picking out of 3 caregiver's, so interviews will be over soon. I hope to be back in business by the end of this JULY! Stay tuned!!!


All students must TEXT a picture of both front and BACK of their CDC immunization card.

If you cannot provide this, a Zoom video conference can be arranged.

(FYI: Wash hands upon entering Raquela's home ;-)


Pay on day of your lesson and just before your lesson hour begins. 
(Zelle is accepted. But if paying by Venmo, add $2 for service fee)


You may use the booking service here to book your lesson, but if you find you need more options, please TEXT Raquela instead.

Join Raquela's

private Facebook group NOW!


REMEMBER: First-come, first-serve!

*Seeking serious students only!

___________________________________________ is home to "VOICE with Raquela". Award winning singer/Actress, Raquela Burt is one of Northern California's most sought-after professional voice teachers. She has been seen with huge stars on the Broadway stage that included Cloris Leachman, Kristin Chenoweth, Norm Lewis, to mention just a few. During her 20-year stint on the New York stage she had the privilege of working with legendary composers like Steven Schwartz, Steven Sondheim and so many more that simply can't fit in here. She was seen on Broadway playing leading roles like the ‘Gypsy-Acid Queen’ in The Who's TOMMY and ‘Julie’ in the original revival of SHOW BOAT and she originated roles in the Off-Broadway hit, BAT BOY-THE MUSICAL.

In 2011, as listed in Wikipedia, Raquela was recognized as the “BEST VOCAL COVER TRACK EVER” by Taylor Dayne herself for Raquela’s remake of Taylor’s 1987 classic hit, TELL IT TO MY HEART. This classic cover charted the TOP 40 Dance tracks of the year (2011) and it beat out Raquela's personal best of charting for more than 25 weeks straight.

Currently, Raquela teaches from home, full time, privately. Using her training in Bel Canto to CVT (Complete Vocal Technique), she teaches a timeless technique with a fresh twist that enables her to work with singers of all skill levels, ages, backgrounds and genres.

Even if you have never sung before or think you have no talent for singing, you CAN! EVERYONE needs to learn to sing! Yes, there are those who were born to sing and that gift should be guided constantly and cautiously, but on hine sight, EVERYONE should learn to sing no matter what. It’s like... everyone should get a good night’s sleep, get regular exercise, eat healthy and.... sing regularly! These are all a part of having a full and healthy life. Learning to sing is not only about singing scales... yes, you read that correctly. Give me the opportunity to teach you my secrets and my technique and you'll see what I mean. It's all about awareness and confidence.


So, what do you say? Come on over! Let's get started!

Student - Lauren
(VOICE with Raquela "REMOTE")
Since the new and improved ZOOM Conference App has taken over, Raquela has been given more freedom to reach out to English speaking students all over the USA and the world. Be sure to check if your country is eligible and then book a lesson with Raquela today! 
ZOOM International
Raquela is a proud member of NATS

Student - Gabe
Ali Lippman Voice Studio, Cheri Murphy Vocal Coach
Musika, Endres Music Studio‎, River City Theatre Company
Sacramento Performing Arts Company, Melody Music Lessons

Raquela's fun and inspiring lessons will find the way to Get Rid Of Your Vocal 'Break' And Reach Higher Notes With Effortless Strength

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