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“K-Pop”… What is it? There are quite a few High Schools who have K-Pop clubs now. “Can Raquela help me become a future K-Pop star?” Some of you know what it is and some of you don’t. I just happen to be a huge fan! I have been for quite a few years now. It’s an Asian based musical genre. Theoretically its roots started after North and South Korea won its liberation in 1945 from the Japanese. Today, there’s now C-Pop, J-Pop and V-Pop… basically, the “K” in K-Pop stands for Korea. It honestly started when American Pop, all-Boy and all-Girl bands toured Korea during the early 90’s. After that, it became a part of their culture almost overnight.

Some of you are just now finding out about this huge genre. I know! Right? Since the early 90’s! And, AND, it’s currently the most popular and largest genre in the world! Crazy, right? When I was entertaining in Japan back in 1992, that’s when I first learned of its development. I always thought to myself, “This is gonna take over the world someday, I just know it.” Anyhow, that was during the days that Yoo Seung-jun, Jinusean, Deux, 1TYM and Drunken Tiger started to take over the Asian airwaves. It was T.V.X.Q and BoA who actually started a new generation of K-pop idols that broke the music genre into neighboring markets all over the world. Yeah, yeah, I know, you may not know who that is, but this much I do know… if you want to audition for K-Pop, you have to be Asian, in great shape, know how to Sing, act and dance like there’s no tomorrow and be ready for a major change-over in hair and make-up, etc... I’m proud to say, I have one young man who went down to LA this year to audition for the label called SM Entertainment and received a one-year scholarship (full tuition, board and room) in Korea to study K-Pop! I’m so proud!

I’m now preparing 6 girls and one young man for a try at making it in the K-pop scene. What many of my Asian students don’t know, is that K-Pop labels do not cast their talent in Korea. They scout all over the USA, Canada and Australia for their talent. NOT Korea! Yeah, that’s right, not Korea. Why? Well, it’s debatable, but some feel it’s because the lack character in kids born and raised in Asia develops around silence and honor. Well, you can’t be a great entertainer if you are always overly cautious of what people “think” of you. I find it fascinating, but that’s a whole different subject, for now, I am currently searching for talented Asian kids who are NOT afraid of anything, trouble is, I don’t have very many evening slots open. :-(

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